Principles of Building Construction: Non Combustible

Course #01-05-0035

Class Location
  Mottville Fire Dept
  4149 Frost St
  Mottville, NY
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Course Description
   Introduces special characteristics of noncombustible and fire resistive construction as they concern the fire service. Primary emphasis is on improving the fire officer's ability to ensure firefighter safety by recognizing common causes and indicators of failure and other hazards related to building construction. Course material enables the fire officer to better predict the overall reaction of a building to fire conditions.
 SFI John Perkins
Registration Deadline
 January 06, 2020
Course Dates
Meeting DateMeeting TimeLength
January 13, 20201900 3 hour(s)
January 20, 20201900 3 hour(s)
January 27, 20201900 3 hour(s)
February 10, 20201900 3 hour(s)
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