Hazardous Materials Incident Command

Course #01-09-0033

Class Location
  Cicero Fire Dept
  8377 Brewerton Rd
  Cicero, NY 13039
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Course Description
   Provides the hazardous materials incident commander with the skills necessary to successfully and safely manage the incident. It includes the need for an organized approach to managing hazardous materials emergency incidents, the required elements for an employer's emergency response plan, site-specific pre-incident emergency planning, incident analysis and the development of site safety plans, strategic goals for incidents involving hazardous materials, and development of a plan of action and its application and tactical objective to accomplish the strategic goals.
 OFPC Haz Mat Bureau
Registration Deadline
 October 14, 2019
Course Dates
Meeting DateMeeting TimeLength
October 21, 20191800 4 hour(s)
October 22, 20191800 4 hour(s)
October 23, 20191800 4 hour(s)
October 28, 20191800 4 hour(s)
October 29, 20191800 4 hour(s)
October 30, 20191800 4 hour(s)
Pre-Requisite Courses 
 Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations OR Firefighter 1
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