Rope Rescue- Operation Level

Course #01-04-0035

Class Location
  Taunton Fire Dept
  4300 Onondaga Blvd
  Syracuse, NY 13219
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Course Description
   Provides information and skills to adequately perform basic vertical rope rescue techniques in an urban/suburban environment. While many of the techniques and skills taught in this program are applicable to the wilderness environment, this is not the intent of this program. The overall objective is to improve rescuer awareness of the safety concerns at rope rescue situations and to develop basic skills in rappelling and high angle rescue systems. Topics include safety orientation, risk assessment, equipment, basic rappelling and ascending, anchoring, belaying, mechanical advantage, patient packaging, incident management, skills evaluation, and testing.
 Adam D'Amico
Registration Deadline
 October 03, 2019
Course Dates
Meeting DateMeeting TimeLength
October 12, 20190800 8 hour(s)
October 13, 20190800 8 hour(s)
October 19, 20190800 8 hour(s)
October 20, 20190800 8 hour(s)
Pre-Requisite Courses 
 Rescue Technician- Basic or Equivalent
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