Recognizing Clandestine Drug Lab Operations

Course #01-09-0053

Class Location
  East Syracuse Station 2
  148 Sanders Creek Pkwy
  E Syracuse, NY 13057
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Course Description
   This awareness level course will provide first responders with information that would help identify situations that may involve an illegal drug manufacturing operation. The manufacturing of drugs such as Meth-Amphetamines uses a wide variety of hazardous materials and pose special risks from fire and explosion when being cooked. Labs are being discovered in residential dwellings, garages, basements, motel rooms, and other unsuspecting locations. This course will provide participants with information as to what materials could indicate the presence of illicit operations and some of the special risks associated with the making of the drug along with appropriate procedures to be considered for the safety of responders
Registration Deadline
 August 28, 2019
Course Dates
Meeting DateMeeting TimeLength
September 04, 20191800 3 hour(s)
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