Fireground Strategies and Tactics for First Arriving Companies

Course #01-11-0143

Class Location
  Minoa Station 1
  240 N Main Street
  Minoa, NY 13116
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Course Description
   Designed for the first arriving officer at any incident. The primary focus of this course is structural firefighting but the lessons learned are applicable for any emergency scene. Elements of this course include scene size-up, decision making, determining incident strategies, and making tactical assignments. Also included are lessons on building construction, fire behavior and growth as well lessons for operating at common non-fire incidents such as motor vehicle accidents, propane and natural gas emergencies, and other typical non-fire emergencies.. In addition to lecture and classroom activities this course utilizes scenarios to allow participants to employ their newly learned skills in real time. Designed for: Fire officers and prospective line officers
 SFI John Perkins
Registration Deadline
 December 26, 2019
Course Dates
Meeting DateMeeting TimeLength
January 02, 20201900 3 hour(s)
January 07, 20201900 3 hour(s)
January 14, 20201900 3 hour(s)
January 16, 20201900 3 hour(s)
January 21, 20201900 3 hour(s)
Pre-Requisite Courses 
 Essentials of Firefighting or Basic Firefighter or FireFighter 1
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