Course #01-11-0152

Class Location
  Minoa Station 1
  240 N Main Street
  Minoa, NY 13116
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Course Description
   Provides current and potential fire officers with a fundamental knowledge of the duties, responsibilities, and leadership required to be successful as a fire officer. Additionally, this course covers the basic responsibilities of the fire officer as they relate to human resources management as well as common administrative functions.
 John Perkins
Registration Deadline
 September 25, 2019
Course Dates
Meeting DateMeeting TimeLength
October 01, 20191900 3 hour(s)
October 03, 20191900 3 hour(s)
October 08, 20191900 3 hour(s)
October 15, 20191900 3 hour(s)
October 17, 20191900 3 hour(s)
Pre-Requisite Courses 
 Firefighter 1, or
Basic Firefighter, or
Firefighting Essentials
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