Officer Development-Planning and Emergency Response

Course #01-11-0153

Class Location
  Onondaga Hill Fire Dept
  4831 Velasko Rd
  Syracuse, NY 13215
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Course Description
   Provides current and potential fire officers with basic knowledge of building construction, commonly found fire protection features, conducting a pre-incident plan survey, determining what elements to include in a pre-incident survey, and developing and managing pre-incident plans. Additionally, this course covers the company officer's responsibilities as they relate to the post-incident analysis. This course is based upon the requirements found in Chapter 4 of NFPA 1021
 SFI John Perkins
Registration Deadline
 April 14, 2019
Course Dates
Meeting DateMeeting TimeLength
April 18, 20191900 3 hour(s)
April 30, 20191900 3 hour(s)
May 02, 20191900 3 hour(s)
Pre-Requisite Courses 
 Firefighter 1, Basic or Firefighter Essentials
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